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Match Reports

Ladies - City of Derry 22 Co.Cavan RFC 19

Cavan couldn't of asked for a better start with captain Brigid Reynolds powering over for the first try in 5mins, and Dolores Hughes successfully converting. Then Lisa Smith flew over the line for Cavans 2nd try and Hughes converting again. But then Lisa Smith was unable to play on after a high tackle and Cavan had to play the rest of the game with 14 players. Derry fought back getting a try and conversion of their own but Hughes crossed the line next to added another try for Cavan. Derry got a try just before half time leaving it 12-19 at half time.

Both teams came out fighting and Derry got another try to leave 3 between the teams. Cavan spent most of the 2nd half in Derrys half of the pitch but Derrys defence kept Cavans chances of a try at bay and a smart kick from Derrys 10 and sloppy ball gave Derry the final try of game and giving them the win. But Cavan do get a bonus point for losing by less than a try .

Well done to everyone today great team effort and fair play to Derry fighting back and congrats on the win. Also huge thanks to the great travelling support.

Co Cavan RFC Ladies Battle hard against rivals Enniskillen

Co Cavan Ladies RFC 10 

Enniskillen 10

15th January 2017

Cavan ladies welcomed Enniskillen to Swellan  park on Sunday for their first game of the new year. Cavan kicked off proceedings and soon had Enniskillen pinned in their twenty two. Strong running from captain Christina Brady, Claire McDemott,  Rosey Morgan and Diana Whyte  punched holes in in the Skins defence. However, ruck protection was too slow to arrive which handed possession back to Enniskillen as they turned over the ball and secured possession. Although Enniskillen penalties sent Cavan back into their own half, Cavan’s full back Dolorous Hughes used her speed and skilful side step to bring Cavan back into action. Cavan’s backline tested the Enniskillen defence with Kate Bartley and Kerri Morgan running hard and strong in attack. Unfortunately, Cavan’s hard work didn’t pay off and a lucky interception from Enniskillen led to the visitors taking the lead. Cavan were determined to fight back and forced skins into making handling errors. Cavan’s scrums went from strength to strength as the match progressed with Sarah Louise Whyte making a fantastic debut as loose head prop. Cathy King kept the pressure on her opposite number two by contesting, winning and upsetting opposition scrums whenever she could. Unfortunately Cavan didn’t have anything on the score board to reflect their hard work.  Half time Cavan 0-Enniskillen 5

Enniskillen kicked of the second half and Aishling O’Connell wasted no time in gathering possession, and charged her way up the pitch breaking numerous tackles on route. Fast support play allowed scrum half Kathleen Dawson work her pods until the time was right to put the back line into action. Out half Paige Conroy, who managed and dictated her back line superbly all day,  fed the ball through the hands and unleashed the speed demon Ellie Galligan on the wing to touch down for Cavan’s first try. Cavan continued to pile the pressure on Enniskillen during the second half.  Lauren Carpenter, who was also making her debut, proved to be a real asset to the Cavan team with her hard hitting tackles and high work rate through-out the match. Cavan’s wingers Meghan Denning and Miriam Gonzola also used their speed and fast foot work to test the Enniskillen defence but unfortunately the Enniskillen defence stayed strong.  Cavan started to concede a lot of penalties around the break down which gave Enniskillen possession and territory.  Cavan’s defence stood firm under pressure but again, luck fell on the side of Enniskillen as a clearance kick was blocked and touched down for a try close to the final whistle.  With the blow of the final whistle, Cavan can be proud of a solid team performance and are looking forward to hosting Derry on Sunday 22nd at 1pm in Swellen park for the last league match of the season. New members are also welcome – training on Tuesday at 6.30pm in Cavan equestrian centre.

Cavan Team: Sarah Louise Whyte, Cathy King, Rosie Morgan, Christina Brady, Claire McDermott, Lauren Carptenter, Aishling O’Connell, Diana Whyte, , Paige Conroy, Kathleen Dawson, Kerri Morgan, Kate Bartley, Anna Coyle, , Elena Farrell, Lisa Brady, Miriam Gonzola, Dolorous Hughes, Ellie Gallaghan, Meghan Denning


Cavan Ladies Win Tough Battle in Malone
Malone Ladies 5
Co Cavan RFC Ladies 21
13th November 2016

Cavan ladies travelled to Malone on Sunday hoping to continue their league winning streak. Although conditions were perfect, Cavan knew the Malone team would be out to revenge their defeat earlier in the season.
Malone kicked off proceedings and Cavan’s captain, Christina Brady led by example and took the ball strongly back into contact. Cavan worked their way up the field with strong carries from Rosie Morgan and Cathy King. Quick hands through the backline found Aishling O’Connell who stormed through the Malone centres and a lovely off-load to full back Dolorous Hughes saw Hughes touch down under the posts. Out half Paige Conroy successfully converted. Malone  re-started proceedings and Cavan soon found themselves under defensive pressure. Malone were strong in protecting their rucks and received a number of penalties when the referee felt Cavan were contesting illegally at the breakdown. Malone’s attack gained momentum and their winger touched down in the corner for a well worked try. Half time score Malone 5- Cavan 7.
Cavan started the second half a player down when influential Hughes picked up an injury. However this seemed to spur the Cavan team into action.  Cavan’s game plan came to the fore and they worked better together in their pods. With the ball coming more cleaning out from the breakdown, scrum half Kathleen Dawson was able to fasten up the speed of the play and Conroy got her back line into action. Centres Elaine Walsh and Kerri Morgan worked superbly together and their quick footwork twisted and turned the Malone defence. Malone found Morgan too hot to handle and she soon broke through to score Cavan’s second try. Conroy, who kicked superbly from open play and from the tee all afternoon, converted from a difficult angle.  
As the game proceeded, Cavan’s defence was precise and well organised with Diana Whyte and Elena Farrell stopping numerous Malone attacks with low, hard tackles. Flanker, Deirdre O’Reilly turned defence into attack on several occasions by firstly stealing possession from Malone and then finding space in open play to make ground for Cavan.  Winger Lisa O’Brien was there in support on each occasion and used her speed and side step to out run the Malone defensive time after time but Malone scrambled well to steal back possession when Cavan were late to the breakdown. 
Malone continued to probe and test the Cavan defence and nerves but Cavan held strong and concentrated on their defensive line. With no way through, Malone began to try to kick for field possession. Winger Anna Coyle was ready and waiting, gathered possession and ran full steam back into Malone’s half. Coyle used her legendary hand off and fancy footwork to move the Malone defence from left to right and soon found herself only metres short of the try-line. Quick recycling from Dawson and great hands from Whyte, sneaked centre Kerri Morgan in for her second try of the match. Again, Conroy stood up to the pressure and converted.   
Malone restarted and spent some time again in Cavan’s half. Again a series of penalties saw Cavan having to re-treat close to their own line. Quick defensive line pressure finally paid off and forced Malone into knocking on the ball. A relieved Cavan side cleared their lines from a scrum as the final whistle blew.
Cavan continue their league campaign away to Derry on Sunday where another tough opposition wait. Training continues Tuesday at 6.30pm in the equestrian centre and Friday at 7.30pm in the rugby club. New players are always welcomed – no experience needed!
Cavan Team: Christina Brady, Cathy King, Rosie Morgan, Aishling O’Connell, Diana Whyte, Paige Conroy, Kathleen Dawson, Kerri Morgan, Lisa O’Brien, , Elena Farrell, Deirdre O’Reilly, Elaine Walsh, Anna Coyle, Dolorous Hughes.

Co Cavan RFC 15 
Ballynahinch RFC 12
6th November 2016

Cavan ladies welcomed Ballynahinch ladies to Swellan park on Sunday. The two teams met early in September with victory going to Ballynahinch so a closely fought match was anticipated.
Cavan’s full back Paige Conroy kicked off proceedings and Ballynahinch worked their way up into the Cavan twenty two. Cavan kept their defensive line strong with hard tackles from Claire McDermott and Christina Brady stopping any Ballynahinch progress. Play was turned over by Deirdre O’Reilly who used all her strength to hold up the Ballynahinch attacking player.  Cavan’s first scrum was steady with all the pack working together and allowed out half Elaine Walsh to clear Cavan’s line. Cavan’s lineouts were also successful with hooker Diana Whyte throwing superbly all afternoon into the safe hands of jumper Cathy King.
Cavan ’s play for the reminder of the first half was fast and furious. Cavan’s forwards retained their structure and support play with Aishling O’Connell and Rosey Morgan running hard, direct lines which punched holes in the Ballynahinch defence.  This allowed scrum half Kathleen Dawson to get quick ball out to the back line.  The back line gelled well together with Walsh taking charge and organising set plays. Centres Kerri Morgan and Kate Bartley twisted and turned around the Ballyhnahinch defence and were unlucky not to reach the try line on several occasions.  Wingers Miriam Gonzola and Lisa O’Brien made several darting sideline runs in attack and also made vital key tackles in defence to ensure a scoreless first half.
The second half saw an even more determined Cavan team take to the field. Again the forwards and backs linked well and after a number of phases Cavan had once again gained precious territory. When Cavan were awarded a penalty in the opposition twenty two, responsibility fell to Conroy to put a precious three points on the board  -Conroy coolly stepped up to the mark and got Cavan on the scoreboard.  Ballynahinch re-started the game and Cavan worked their way quickly up the pitch again.  Direct and supported runs from Elena Farrell and Cathy King soon had the Ballynahinch defence on the back foot again and allowed wing forwards O’Reilly and O’Connell to poach possession from Ballynahinch several times. It was from a turn over ball that Well allowed  Dawson and Walsh to lead their backline quickly into action and superb hands from Conroy unleashed O’Brien whose speed left the opposition flat footed as she touched down for Cavan’s first try of the match in the corner.  
Cavan were sparked off into further action from the restart. Great teamwork soon had Cavan camped within the opposition twenty two. After a series of “pick and go” phases , led by Christina Brady and Claire McDermott, centre Kerri Morgan fought her way over the line. Conroy successfully converted. 
Cavan’s lead sparked off a strong Ballynhinach come back and soon Cavan found themselves defending deep instead their twenty two. Cavan lacked shape and concentration for a vital few minutes and gave away a series of penalties. This gave Ballynahinch a chance to put the Cavan defence on the back foot.  Within ten minutes Ballynahinch scored two tries and set up a tense last five minutes. Cavan were determined to win and put together a series of well-structured and controlled phases to count down the clock. The final whistle brought a great sense of achievement to the Cavan ladies who saw their hard work over the last number of weeks pay off and build a strong platform towards their next league match on Sunday 13th November away in Malone. New players are always welcome to join – training Tuesday 6.30pm and Friday 7.30pm at Cavan Rugby Club 
Cavan Team: Christina Brady, Cathy King, Claire McDermott, Rosie Morgan, Aishling O’Connell, Diana Whyte, Elaine Walsh, Paige Conroy, Kathleen Dawson, Kerri Morgan, Kate Bartley, Anna Coyle, , Elena Farrell, Deirdre O’Reilly, Miriam Gonzola and Lisa O’Brien.
Coaches: George Crowe, James Loughnane, Andrew Vickerman and Bridget Reynolds (player)

Cavan Ladies Battle hard against rivals Enniskillen
Enniskillen 5
Co Cavan RFC 5
16th October 2016

Cavan ladies travelled to Enniskillen on Sunday 16th to take on old rivals Enniskillen. With a guaranteed battle on the cards, it is always a fixture looked forward to by both teams.
Cavan’s out half Elaine Walsh kicked off proceedings and Enniskillen soon put the Cavan defence to the test. Pressure from a fast Cavan defensive line led by captain Christina Brady soon forced Enniskillen into an early handling error. This enabled Cavan to gain field possession and camp within Enniskillen’s half for the majority of the first half. Cavan’s centre’s Kate Bartley and Miriam Gonzalo tested the opposition with their quick footwork early in the game.  Wingers Anna Coyle and Kerri Morgan made several darting sideline runs and were unlucky not to cross the try line. The first thirty minutes saw Cavan just lacking the critically finish to put points on the board.  Cavan’s mistakes handed possession back to Skins but they failed to capitalise on this and scrum half Kathleen Dawson was able to pinch possession back on a number of occasions when Skins did not protect their rucks quick enough.  Cavan kept the pressure on skins for the remainder of the first half with their forwards Cathy King, Aishling O’Connell and Claire McDermott powerfully charging into the opposition and making ground on every occasion.  
The second half saw an even more determined Cavan team take to the field. Again the forwards and backs linked well and after a number of phases Cavan had once again gained precious territory. Direct, strong running from Rosey Morgan and Deirdre O’Connell soon had the Skins defense on the back foot. Well protected rucks allowed Walsh and Paige Conroy to lead their backline brilliantly and soon the hard work payed of when full back Dolores Hughes fought off numerous tackles to score close to the side line. Hughes, who just lately joined the Cavan team, showed great vision and a high work rate through-out the match and dealt precisely with every situation she faced all afternoon.  
Cavan’s lead sparked off a strong Enniskillen come back and soon Cavan found themselves defending deep instead their twenty two. Cavan lacked concentration for a vital few minutes and gave away a series of penalties. This gave Enniskillen a chance to “pick and go” at the Cavan defence. A super hold up by Elena Farrell and Aishling O’Connell prevented a skins try. However a five metre scrum to Enniskillen saw them break through the Cavan defence to equalise the game. 
Cavan’s shear determinedness fought their way back up the pitch with again Christina Brady and Diana Whyte strong and direct running making vital yards into possible scoring positions. However, once again Skins managed to with-stand the Cavan pressure for the last ten minutes. With the blow of the final whistle Cavan find themselves joint second in the league and know what they have to work on before facing Ballynahinch on Sun 6th Nov. New players are always welcome to join – training Tuesday 6.30pm and Friday 7.30pm at Cavan Rugby Club. 
Cavan Team: Christina Brady, Cathy King, Claire McDermott, Rosie Morgan, Aishling O’Connell, Diana Whyte, Elaine Walsh, Paige Conroy, Kathleen Dawson, Kerri Morgan, Kate Bartley, Anna Coyle, , Elena Farrell, Deirdre O’Reilly, Elaine Walsh, Miriam Gonzola and Dolorous Hughes

Cavan Ladies Winning Ways continue

Cavan Ladies travelled to Carrickfergus on Sunday 1st May to take part in the renowned Seven aside tournament which wraps up the Ulster competitive season. Cavan faced strong opposition against Randelstown, Cooke and Coleraine in order to reach the final. They faced a strong Malone team in the final but the Cavan ladies worked hard as a team to win the tournament. Congratulations to Niamh Walsh in particular who received player of the tournament.

Cavan Team: Rosie Morgan, Cathy King, Caroline O’Reilly, Christina Brady, Brigid Reynolds, Anna Devey, Kathleen Dawson, Niamh Walsh, Elaine Walsh, Lisa O’Brien, Kerri Morgan, Kate Bartley.

Coaches: James Loughnane, George Crowe 

Co Cavan Ladies Conquer rivals Carrickfergus

The grand finale to the Rosie Stewart Cup was held in Derry rugby club on Sunday 6th and saw Cavan take on Carrickfergus in search for some silverware.
Cavan kicked off proceedings and faced the Carrick renowned forwards head on. Cavan’s Caroline O’Reilly and Christina Brady contested the Carrick rucks fearlessly and soon forced an early turnover. Initially Cavan were slow to take advantage of their dominant possession but as they settled into the game Cavan soon had Carrick pinned in their half. Quick back line play from centres Kate Bartley and Kerri Morgan unleashed winger Meghan Denning who left the Carrick defence behind her to touch down under the posts.  Niamh Walsh added the conversion. Cavan suffered an early blow when winger Lisa O’Brien was recklessly shoulder charged from the Carrick number eight and was forced to be substituted.  Walsh placed Cavan nicely into the Carrick twenty two from the resulting penalty. Cavan’s lineout functioned exceptionally all match with lifters O’Reilly and Rosie Morgan launching Cathy King head and shoulders above the opposition to secure Cavan’s lineouts as well as pinching some from the Carrick team also. Cavan’s decision to maul from the penalty lineout paid off when scrum half Kathleen Dawson linked up with Walsh, whose lovely off load to flanker Aishling O’Connell  left the Carrick defence flat footed as O’Connell powered over the line for Cavan’s second try of the game. Walsh successfully converted again.
The second half saw Cavan continue to dominate the game but a serious of dubious decisions from the referee resulted in a series of penalties against Cavan and a sin binning for Walsh. However, this spurned the Cavan ladies further into action. Cavan was magnificent in their scrumming all day and from a turnover scrum, quick hands through the back line saw Kate Bartley leave the Carrick defence behind her as she powered over for the first try in the second half. Paige Conroy converted. Conroy’s delicate and precise place kicking saw Cavan advance again quickly after the restart. Flanker Deirdre O’Reilly and centre Kerri Morgan caused the Carrick team problems all day both in attack and in defence with their tremendous runs and off loads through-out the match. It was from one of O’Reilly’s breaks which led to Cavan’s fourth try of the match as when O’Reilly had cut open the Carrick defence, a clean pop to the supporting Denning  saw Denning touch down for her second try of the match. With ten minutes left on the clock, Cavan had to work hard to maintain a clean sheet as their defence was well tested from a strong Carrick side. Thundering tackles from Christina Brady and Elena Farrell closed the door firmly against any attack. Again, strong rucking from Caroline O’Reilly, Cathy King and Elena Farrell forced a turnover to allow Dawson to dig out the ball for Conway to clear Cavan’s lines. Cavan soon found themselves again making ground up the field when captain Rosie Morgan led the way with a spectacular break from her own half. Carrick’s defence scrambled to stop Morgan led to Cavan being awarded a penalty on Carrick’s ten metre line. Quick thinking from Claire ‘the wall’ McDermott, tapped and went full force for the Carrick line. McDermott brushed aside the feeble tackle attempt of the Carrick defence to storm over for her well-deserved try of the match. Final score Cavan 33-0 Carrick.
The final whistle brought delight to a Cavan side whose players and coaches had worked hard all season to bring silverware home to Swellan Park. A special mention to the McDermott family with bride to be, Claire, togging out, a week before her wedding. In her speech after the match, captain Rosie Morgan dedicated the win to fellow team mate and anchor to the team Brigid Reynolds and her family after the sudden passing of Brigid’s father during the week. May he rest in peace.
Cavan Team: Caroline O’Reilly, Kathy King, Rosie Morgan, Elena Farrell, Christina Brady, Deirdre O’Reilly, Claire McDermott, Aishling O’Connell, Kathleen Dawson, Niamh Walsh, Kate Bartley, Kerri Morgan, Lisa O’Brien, Meghan Denning and Paige Conroy.
Coaches: George Crowe, James Loughnane.

Cavan ladies victorious over strong Longford opposition.

Cavan ladies travelled to Longford on Sunday for a mid-season friendly with both teams eager to continue their preparation for forthcoming important league matches. 
Cavan’s out half Niamh Walsh got the game underway kicking deep into the Longford twenty two. Longford, who sit third in their Leinster league, battled their way as far as the half way line. A thundering tackle from Claire McDermott put pressure on the Longford attack and allowed scrum half Kathleen Dawson to counter ruck forcing a turn over ball. Quick hands from centre pairing Brigid Reynolds and Kerri Morgan unleashed winger Deirdre O’Reilly who out paced the Longford defence to touch down for Cavan’s first try under the post. Walsh added the conversion. 
Longford’s restart fell into the hands of Caroline O’Reilly who’s strong, direct running caused problems for the Longford defence all afternoon. Cavan’s feisty forwards led by captain Rosey Morgan and Christina Brady secured ruck after ruck to ensure that the ball was recycled quickly and allowed the ever planning out half Niamh Walsh to move her back line around the pitch. The Longford defence held strong however for the remainder of the second half. 
Longford started the second half with increased determination and forced Cavan to spend some time in their own twenty two. Cavan eventually cleared their line after jumper Cathy King out stretched the Longford limbs to, once again, steal a lineout ball and force the Cavan turnover. Cavan made their way up the pitch with the powerful Anna Devey, supported well in attack by Elena Farrell, putting the Longford defence on the back foot. Dawson and Walsh connected well to allow the versatile Reynolds to storm up the centre of the field brushing aside the Longford tacklers. A superb off load to Kerri Morgan allowed Morgan to touch down for the second try of the match. 
Longford again restarted with ten minutes left on the clock. Aishling O’Connell launched the next Cavan attach with a blistering run up the side of the pitch. Once again, good communication from the Cavan team saw the ball do the work over the pitch, with Lisa O’Brien punching holes in the Longford defence due to her electric pace and side step. With the Longford defence stretched, quick thinking from Walsh spotted an opening and sneaked through for the final try of the game. Walsh again successfully converted. Final score Cavan 19 – Longford 0.
Cavan’s next match is on Sunday 28th in Swellan Park at 1pm. Training Tuesday and Thursday 6.30pm in equestrian centre – new members are always welcome.
Cavan: Rosey Morgan, Cathy King, Caroline O’Reilly, Anna Devey, Christina Brady, Claire McDermott, Elena Farrell, Kathleen Dawson, Niamh Walsh, Brigid Reynolds, Kerri Morgan, Lisa O’Brien, Deirdre O’Reilly and Aishling O’Connell 
Coaches: George Crowe and James Loughnane

Co Cavan RFC Ladies home game against City of Derry. 
Co Cavan RFC 12
City of Derry 0
8th November

The cavan ladies lined out on a wet and windy Sunday morning last to take on old rivals City of Derry. Nerves were tense as a win was needed after lasts weeks defeat. Proceedings kicked off at 1 with Cavan taking the kick off. The changing wind direction and wet conditions left handling difficult with both teams having some basic handling errors. However Cavan put in some good defense getting a turnover which led to some nifty side stepping from the winger and a try between the posts. This was converted by P. Conroy. Handling was superb with mistakes from the previous game being learned from and the nice pop passes and quick hands allowing Cavan over for another try in the first 10 minutes. P Conroy narrowly missed the conversion. With 12 minutes gone and Cavan 12 0 up this turned out to be the last score of the game. City of Derry got themselves together and put serious pressure on the Cavan defense nearing half time. Cavan showed gritty determination and were lucky not to let the opposition over the line. The second half opened with some good running. The Cavan full back had her work cut out for her with the City of Derry outhalf showing her experience and excellent kicking skills to keep play in the Cavan half. The second half was delayed 10 minutes in as the City of Derry winger needed to be taken to hospital. Co Cavan ladies wish her well for a speedy recovery. Cavan were slow to start again after the delay and took their time in getting their act together as a team but after a few minutes warm up they were back on attacking form and were unlucky not to cross the line for another try. Training is on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 to 8 and all are welcome.

Co Cavan RFC Ladies travel to Enniskillen
1st November 2015

Enniskillen 10
Co Cavan Ladies 0
The Co Cavan RFC ladies travelled to Enniskillen for a league game on Sunday November 1st. Conditions were perfect for what was going to be a close game. Both teams started nervously with basic mistakes and handling errors however the game improved with excellent defence and attack being shown from both sides. Cavan were delivered a severe blow with Cathy King having to leave the field due to injury. Cavan showed excellent rucking skills with the ball being well protected much to the dismay of the opposition. Enniskillen applied pressure eventually getting over for a try in the first half which was converted. At half time cavan knew they had to improve for the second half. Quick passes and good forward play allowed the ball out to the backs but good Enniskillen defence prevented a Cavan score. A penalty just to the right of the posts allowed Enniskillen another three points. Cavan's next game is at home this Sunday (8th November) against City of Derry.

Co Cavan Ladies Pre-season friendly

Cavan ladies rugby result-Cavan 43 Newry 12.
Cavan kicked off the season with an away challenge game against Newry on Sunday last. The game proved to be very competitive where both teams went away with plenty to work on. There were big tackles put in by both teams to prevent the first score. Cavan's new recruit Emma Frem tested the Newry defence with her penetrating runs. Cavan got themselves off to a good start with three tries. Aisling O Connell put in great powerful supporting runs and she pushed through to score the first try. Emma Frem on her debut showed great evasive running and with pure determination she pushed through for her try. Then Cavan's outstanding scrum half Kathleen Dawson broke away from the back of a scrum to score a brilliant individual try where the reliable out half Kate Bartley scored the conversion. The quick thinking Claire McDermott took a quick free and broke through the middle and was unlucky to be stopped on the line but Claire got her reward in the second half. The Newry side fought back and got their reward with a try from a kick and chase. They scored again from a great run from their winger to cut up the wings. The score was 17-12 to Cavan at half time. 
However Cavan picked it up a gear to put their stamp on the game with impressive work from the forwards and eventually get it out to the wings for Anna Coyle to break away to score two tries on either wings. The Cavan forwards Cathy King, Emer McBrien, captain Rosie Morgan, Christina brady and Claire McDermott worked well in the scrums and line outs winning important line outs deep in their 22 to turn over possession. The Cavan forwards featured very strong under the Newry kickoffs to hold possession and break tackles and set up play for the back line. The final try of the game came from the lively, astute duo Emma Frem and Kathleen Dawson. The scrum half was up quick to support the great run from Emma and then sucked in the Newry girls to lay it off to the powerful Claire McDermott for her well deserved try. The season formally kicks off on the 20th of September with a league match at home against Omagh. 
Cavan team- Claire McDermott, Emer McBrien, Rosie Morgan, Cathy King, Christina Brady, Kathleen Dawson, Kate Bartley, Aisling O Connell, Emma Frem and Anna Coyle. Cavan's management team on Sunday were James Loughnane and Caroline O Reilly. 
Cavan Rfc are setting up an u18 girls team and looking to recruit girls. The underage trainings take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6.30 to 7.30pm. 
Ladies training is also Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6.30-8.00pm and all ladies of any age and fitness welcome! To get in contact with us please find us on Facebook - Cavan Ladies Rugby Club.